Pomegranates are an ancient fruit and have been featured in Hindu, Hebrew, Greek, Buddhist, Islamic, and Christian mythology and history for centuries. There are innumerable symbolisms drawn from all of these beliefs & societies; abundance, prosperity, fertility, the perfection of nature, life, marriage, rebirth, beauty, and a lot more.

Grown extensively in India, Iran, Middle East, USA, Italy, Spain, Turkey, Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, the Mediterranean region and many other countries, Pomegranates have been consumed as a Super Food and used as a great curative medicine in many countries.

Due to higher than average levels of antioxidants, nutritional content & taste, Pomegranates are considered as ‘Super Foods’

Surely, we are a true believer of the great health benefits of this ‘Gift of Nature’ fruit and why wouldn’t it spark our imagination!
Ripe pomegranates burst with plump jeweled-red seeds that taste tart and sweet, woody and floral. Red garnets have their name from their likeness to the vibrant crimson pomegranate seeds.

Like civilizations past & present, we have been inspired by Pomegranates and the innumerable health benefits of this wonderful fruit, a nature’s gift and named our restaurant Anār – which is a common name for Pomegranates in many countries including India, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran & many other countries.

Anār – We are located in the Upper West Side and with our food, we hope to carry you across realms into the land of flavor! Our philosophy is wholesome food served with warmth and care. Value for money & Customer is Always Right! Good portions, fair pricing, use of the freshest ingredients and quality products make us different.

Our menu reflects the diversity of Indian food, steeped in the traditions to feed your heart and soul with the tastes of India.

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