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Shekhar Gowda

He has over 45 years’ experience opening, operating & managing restaurants around the world. He has used his extensive experience to create a modern Indian restaurant with an elective menu offering extensive choices. His concept, décor, menu & pricing are keeping in line with the changing taste of a discerning & demanding UWS clientele. He has cut down on the gimmicks of inedible flower/fruit garnishes and fancy presentations to cut down on the cost and serve great food, generous portions at a very reasonable price. He says, no to ‘fusion’ because he believes that it is ‘confusion’ and insist on serving ‘Excellent Indian Cuisine’

Easha G

A professional manager with many years’ experience in administration, personnel, finance and restaurant management. She brings in her vast restaurant management skills to Anār

Mr. Dheeraj Gowda
Floor Manager

A computer nerd & a restaurant professional having managed & worked in few of the highest rated restaurants in NYC has a passion for cooking. He is customer centric and truly believes in the ancient Indian dictum ‘Athithi Devo Bhavah’ – The Guest is God!

Chef Peter

He has more than 20 years of experience preparing authentic Indian cuisine and takes great pride in following Gopaljees’s recipes and adherence to fresh ground spices, fresh ingredients and innovating in preparing a modern Indian Cuisine at Anār

Chef Jameel

He has more than 20 years’ experience working for many of the reputed Indian restaurants in New York City. He specializes in tandoor preparations, Indian Breads.

Chef Ram Charan

An excellent Chef with experience in all aspects of our kitchen: He takes over each and every one of the other Chef’s during their weekly offs.

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